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As we continue to grow into a comprehensive wellness studio, balanceYoga is now offering Massage Therapy, Reiki and Balance Energy Therapy. The benefits of adding bodywork, including massage, accupressure, and energy therapy, to a regular practice of self care will bring the body-mind-soul into an even greater state of balance. Therapies and treatments are available by appointment 7 days a week.

Harmony & Wellness

Harmony & Wellness packages use a combination of private yoga sessions, balance energy therapy sessions, massage, and/or reflexology to help you realize the full potential of harmony and wellness in your life. You will work with Ty Baumann, Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, and Balance Energy Therapist, to discuss your goals and objectives for the program. Based on the consultation, a special combination package is constructed just for you. This program requires a commitment of 10-12 weeks and may involve 2 – 4 sessions a week, depending on the particular program you design.


CLICK HERE to contact Ty for more information or to schedule your consultation.

Massage Therapy Treatments

The benefits of adding massage to a regular practice of self care, including Yoga, will bring the body-mind-soul into an even greater state of balance.  balanceYoga's certified Massage Therapists can help you relax, while improving your overall health. Our variety of treatments and techniques will relieve stress, improve circulation and bring you into a state of bliss.  Massage Therapy Treatments are available at balanceYoga by appointment of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.



Reiki & Balance Energy Therapy

Reiki & Balance  Energy Therapy uses  the acupressure points of the body to help release tension and other blocks  to your body’s natural energy system. With these blocks released, your body’s natural healing energy moves more freely. You will feel more relaxed, less tired, and less stressed after each session. Essential oils and meditative music are used during the session to enhance your experience.

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